Theodore works successfully as a vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer. Theodore’s music is mainly characterized by the balancing of stark contrasts between classic and electronic sounds.

Theodore’s career began in 2011 in London, where he studied composition. He performed in several places in the city and in 2012 he self-released his first album ‘7’ which was produced by Clive Martin and Greek artist Vassilikos. A year later Theodore filmed a live version of the album at the Church studios in the UK and in 2014 the tour in France, Poland, Greece and the UK that followed, ended with a great show that took place in Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall. In 2015, he completed his second album ‘It Is But It’s Not’ which was mixed by British producer Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros, Yann Tiersen, Moby, Daughter, M83). Both the album and its live version, which was filmed and recorded in the renowned Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios, was released in UK on June 17 and will be released in Germany and France on July 22 , 2016. Throughout summer 2016 Theodore was touring in support of ‘It Is But It’s Not’ around Europe including a show with his biggest influence ‘Sigur Ros’ at Release Athens Festival.

Theodore also worked on side projects such as composition for theatrical plays namely ‘Window’ by Matina Megla (2015) ,΄Μοναξιά στην Άγρια Δύση’ (The lonesome west) directed by Pemi Zouni and ‘Εις το Φως της Ημέρας’ (In Broad Daylight) by C.P Cavafy and film scoring. More specifically, Theodore performed music for ‘Bourek’ , a film by Vladan Nikolic (2015) which is soon to be released and for the Cameraman (1928) directed by Baster Keaton , which premiered the 5th Athens Open Air Film Festival (2015) and took place in the Temple of Zeus.