Theodore Live at the SNFCC

From the east to the west, from the Acropolis and all the way to the seafront, the Athenian panorama was given its own atmospheric soundtrack on Thursday 20 July, as part of the Music Escapades, the series of concerts held at the SNFCC. Performing at the Panoramic Steps, Theodore and his band re-shaped the Athenian skyline and performed new tracks from his latest material and impending release, as well as excerpts from his previous two albums. Since every concert experience is heavily influenced by spatial relations and the chosen venue, Theodore’s music in combination with the panoramic view of the city worked in synergy to create a unique ambience, strongly reminiscent of a dream. His imposing presence and his constant fidgeting on stage were interwoven with light installations which followed changes in the intensity of the music, casting different shadows around the Panoramic Steps.

photo credits: Mariza Kapsabeli