In October 2017, right after the closing ceremony of the 10th anniversary of Animasyros, the international animation festival taking place in the island of Syros, Theodore performed a unique audiovisual event, perfectly suited to the character and identity of Animasyros. With respect to the building’s historicity, Theodore and the team of acclaimed professionals that surrounds him, created an especially constructed light installation which, combined with the settings of light and sound, was designed to animate the building of Ermoupolis’ Town Hall. Influenced by the nature of contrasts between light and shadow, Theodore’s appearances are characterized by the harmonization of atmospheric and cinematic sound with the directing of lighting installations. On the occasion of the Animasyros 10 closing ceremony, Theodore’s concert incorporated elements of the art of animation through a special light and sound design, influenced by the historic character of the Town Hall of Ermoupolis. In this way, Ziller’s impressive architecture emerged, as the Old and the Classic met the New and the Modern in a spectacular closing ceremony.